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MaSoRs 8th Anniversary Success

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On behalf of the members of MaSoRS, I would like to thank everybody who attended our 8th Anniversary Drop Party. The party was a great success, and over 1 billion gp in value was given away. It took over 7 months of planning and preparation - relying completely on donations from our members. We hosted this party for simple reason of giving back to the RuneScape community, as we have been doing for these past 8 years.

Our members have amassed hundreds of pictures and videos of the party, which will be appearing on the public section of our website and forum ( in the coming days. Here's a selection of them...

Three hours before the drop, and crowds were already beginning to gather:


One hour to go, and MaSoRS members form a conga to advertise throughout world 14:



The dropping went on for well over three hours:


The lucky winners of our big trivia prizes:



Again, thank you to everybody who attended - the drop wouldn't have been a success without you. We hope to see you next year for our 9th Anniversary Party!

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