Fish Masks Worth Buying?


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as Wild has mentioned, there are alot of fish masks being introduced. (this week alone has produced over the amount of santas or other lower rares. therefore the price will never reach to their heights)

people will not have enough trust on the item.

This item is new.. no one knows exactly what will happen since it is a new "rare" being sold on sof. (going back on the lack of trust)


Honestly. I think that if you are going to buy the fish mask, only buy for short term flips (quick buy and sell for a lil higher)

do not buy a huge bulk of them hoping that it will rise quite high after summer. I think the market is too risky to hoard the fish masks.

Personally, I've made much more profit just flipping a whole bunk of them for an extra 100k+ profit each mask than just hoarding them would profit in the long run.

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Aren't they planning on discontinuing it after summer though? I wouldn't expect it to rise quickly either, the previous discontinued items didn't get to where they are at in a short period of time.

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Only if you win them yourself I'd say, I managed to get 2 Fish Masks from SoF and I'm going to hang onto them for a while to see what happens. Personally I wouldn't buy them, but that's because I'm cheap lol. If you have 2-4m that you're probably never going to use go for it...although I personally think the mask looks completely horrible :P.

~ Xephona

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Oh, I agree. Worst cosmetic ever. I bought 10 just in case they end up having santa or g'ween mask status one day. Seeing that they are x2 what they are than what I paid for them, I already want to cash in, lol. I think I'll wait until I can use the money to buy another rare like santa or upgrade my partyhat to white.

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