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okay, here we go...

Recently Drygores have been dropping a lot.

I've decided to try and minimize the losses by selling the Drygore weapons at the end of the day and re buy at the morning but I face a simple problem cuz my math has been stupid and failed before I don't dare to trust it completely.

Anyways here is the idea, taking the values and assuming I will be able to buy/sell at market price everytime

X = total money drop

During the day (16 hrs) drygore drops 2(x/3), x/3 during the night.

During the day I would lose money due to the drygore dropping in price.

During the night I would gain money due to not having drygore

- 2(x/3) + (x/3) = - (x/3)

Would I keep the drygores during the entire period of 24 hours I would lose (X) GP rather than (X/3) GP.

Due to buying drygore when it's cheaper than in the evening it kind of makes sense that you would end up with a chunk of gold

in your purse.

Have I managed to minimize the loss or am I just way out WAY out riding a bicycle on ice again?

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hi Sine, dodgy maths again, I'm afraid, but the conclusion stays the same.

You don't gain anything during the night phase, but the bonus is you don't lose anything either. So the end result of your calculation should be a loss of 2(x/3) instead of a loss of x.

From start to finish in a 24 hr period, just to see the process at work: (I don't know the prices, so ive made them up)

Start of exercise: 100mil GP and zero Drygore

Step 1: Spend 100mil on 1 Drygore item. : Inventory: Zero Gp + 1 Drygore: Net worth: 100mil gp

Wait 16 hrs: Sell Drygore item for 93mil gp: Inventory: 93mil GP + 0 Drygore.: Net worth: 93mil gp

Wait 8 hrs: Buy Drygore item for 90mil gp: Inventory: 3mil Gp + 1 Drygore: Net worth: 93mil gp

End of exercise: 3mil gp better off than if you had just held the Drygore, and you lose only 7mil gp instead of 10mil.

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thinking as if I would make money of it again while the net loss remains the same you still don't make a profit only reduce the loss.


Capt obvious here saying.... anytime you sell something for less then you paid for it your losing gp. B)

If they are dropping that much is it worth the effort to keep selling and rebuying them?


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