I'm a fatass


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(For approximate weight in lbs, multiply kg by 2 (2.2 for closer to exact))

I'm a fatass and I know it, it's time to lose weight.

I must have some kind of update log somewhere to keep myself from giving up and what other place better than the internet right? NOTHING CAN EVER GO WRONG!

Anyways here's my current weight, my optimal goal would be 71kg but I want to be below 80kg.

I will be using the "recently discovered" 5:2 diet method combined with 3-5 hours of exercise per week.

Day 1

Current weight: 115.2kg

to go: 35.2kg (44.2kg for optimal)

Exercise: Walking for an hour and 22 minutes.

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You realize this is the public forum area? Meaning anyone(not just masors) can see it. You could put it in ot for a more private(clan only) log if you wish.

So doing the math that's roughly 250 pounds and you'd be happy under 175. Once you get into a routine/diet you can stick with it will make this a lot easier. Just don't go overboard and then give up. I wish you luck in finding the balance.


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I've found the hardest part is getting into a good routine and sticking with it. I have developed a decent discipline for working out, but I can struggle on the healthy eating end of spectrum.

What's helped me keep going is having a good group of people around me to where we can push each other. Tracking your progress always helps.

Like Dragon said don't go overboard, ease into it and remember every little bit counts.

Also remember we're all here for you! Best of luck on your goal!

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In order to drive an ambulance, I have to have my health check every 2 years, or more frequently if I have a medication condition (eg hypertension). I actually just did this checkup about a month ago, and the registered nurse asked me "Do you know your weight and height?"

I said "Yes, I weight 145 lbs, and I'm 5'7"".

She was like "Well, I'm gonna check anyway."

She found out my weight was 144 lbs (about 65 kgs) and might height was 5'6 1/4", lol. I am pretty sure she wasted her time trying to be exact.

Why did I tell you this story? Cause had I told you that I weighed 144 lbs (65 kg) and my height was 5'6 1/4", you'd probably ask me why do I know my exact weight and height.

Josh and I haven't really changed weight and height since high school.

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