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So G01d, Tubes and I were talking in the clan chat about how it'd be cool to have a weekly D&D night with a Masors group, maybe on Saturday/Sunday. We could give it a trial run soon, host a single session adventure to see how it works, then move forward from there.

Is the 6th/7th June weekend a good time for people interested?

We'll be using an online tool G01d pointed us towards, called Roll20. It has integrated video/voice/text chat as well, making the experience all the more fun and engaging. Some may be veterans, but knowing the game/having played it before are just advantages, newcomers are welcome, as always. The only requirement from your side will be to obtain/download the copies of the three core rulebooks - Dungeon Master's Guide, Player's Handbook, and The Monster Manual. We'll be following D&D v3.5 (unless the majority would prefer shifting to v4, or whatever new fangled version is running currently).

So for interested people, the work you'll need to do from your end is basically

  • Reply on this post, give us a time slot that fits and works for others as well - 3pm EST is our standard event time, but for this event, we're not fixing a time till later on next week, once we know who's coming and what timings are suitable for those interested
  • Download/obtain the three core Dungeons & Dragons v3.5 Rulebooks - Dungeon Master's Guide, Player's Handbook and Monster Manual
  • Read through the first chapter of Dungeon Master's Guide and Player's Handbook - you're free to read more if you're interested, but the first chapters of these two books are a must for first timers, and a good way to brush up for people who've previously played as well
  • Create an account on roll20's website - it takes less than two minutes

So let's get the ball rolling on this! Check out the Roll20 website, it's quite an amazing tool and should be fun to play with - hopefully we'll be able to host a full fledged campaign soon as well!

Note: For those of you old timers interested in DMing, shoot me a pm here, or just mention it in your post. Please do realize that DMing will take a bit more effort from your end, as you'll need to have your maps/tiles ready on roll20 before we start a session. I'm willing to relinquish this duty to anyone who's willing to take it up - but I'll DM if no one else wants to step up (you'll get to hear my amazing Indian accent!)



edit: I won't be able to devote enough time at the moment due to some irl stuff that's come up - if someone else is interested, they can take up the initiative on this.

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Ohi masors forums!

i'd love to play if we could find a dm. There is the other game i'm dming but that's not technically our masors game, but that's besides the point!

lets work on getting a dm, but evenings saturday works for me.

Also if my other game falls through, you guys could take over the player spots (a highly likely scenario).

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Hey guys, super lame but I cant make this Saturday. A hospital appointment (nothing exciting) that I have been waiting for for 3 months has been provided Saturday, and if I try and reschedule it will be another 3 months or something stupid.

If we can reschedule for Sunday or next Saturday, I would be able to attend, or if there are enough people, go ahead without me and I will keep my char for next time.

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I've rolled 1 other character, so someone is going to have to roll their own.

straight phb races and classes, stat rolls are 4d6d1 (highest 3 dice) and you pick the stat on each die. if you need help let me know and i'll try to facilitate.

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