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I'll try and talk her into it, she is mostly a lurker.

Also I always get the impression during and after the games that we have blundered straight past whatever cool quests you have devised, and your sitting there going....."just ask about the chest in the corner!!!!!"

On the plus side, we do seem to have mad killing stuff skills. I have also decided that my goal in this game is going to be to tie my two great swords together by the handle to have a darth maul style double ended sword, and then probably stab myself in the leg.

I've been adding a lot of Runescape and Skyrim themed easter eggs. While i'd be happy if they got noticed, it's more entertaining for you all NOT to get them to me ^.^

As far as the quests go, I wouldn't introduce something that I wasn't willing to see through. Now that my original world is in the rear view, I'm pretty much leaving it to you all to decide the story, and just give you some possible avenues to take. That's also why I like the non-marathon length games... so I can at least have something figured out for you guys to do. Also... playing all sorts of different monsters every week is really hard :hypo: , especially the ones with spell-like abilities.

As far as the double bladed greatsword... I will allow it as a Huge Exotic weapon:

base attack bonus will be -8 unless you get the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat for Double Bladed Greatswords, then it will be -4.

Then...the below perk will help you with another 2...


And then... If you want to use both halves in one attack, the below will apply under "normal", with an extra -2 on each due to size... unless you gain the Two Weapon Fighting feat, in which you would use that row with the extra -2


Isn't D&D fun? :runebaxe:

I expect you to use the rope you tied on Bill to make this dream a reality. Good luck on your roll! :wizard:

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That sounds like a lot of minuses...

I cant work out what my final attack and final damage would be, but it sounds like I have a bit of a way to go before it is remotely worth while.

On the weapons pdf I am looking at it says a huge greatsword would be 4d6 damage given each of my greatswords is 2d6 on its own.

Assuming I got all the upgrades you mentioned:

I currently get a +5 to attack, so I would have something like....1D20 + 5 - 4 (Exotic weaps) - 4 (dual wield) - 4 (Huge) + 2 (Gigantic Weap) = 1D20 - 5

Could be worse, but I prob wouldn't be hitting through most things AC.

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Next game will be 9/12/15

Recap of our last meet:

Having just discovered the Barghest den, the party climbed down the pitch black cave entrance, using a handy lantern to light the way.

Inside, the party found themselves in a very narrow tunnel that appeared to have an abundance of silver ore embedded within the walls. as soon as they made this discovery, they were (Carrot specifically) attacked by a Darkmantle that was hiding on the ceiling. Carrot almost got eaten like a carrot, but the party managed to kill the Darkmantle before any permanent damage was done.

They decided to leave the silver ore for later, despite Carrot's interest in finally using his trusty miner's axe. at the end of the tunnel, they discovered a creepy open cavern that appeared to be housing a sleeping Barghest. After a series of mildly successful sneaks and more-than-mildly unsuccessful search attempts, the party eventually discovered that the sleeping Barghest was, in fact, a dead Barghest.

Shortly thereafter they noticed two imposing devil-like creatures likely responsible for the killing. After a long debate on whether or not to attack the two head-on, the party eventually decided it would be prudent to wait for the larger and admittedly more sinister of the pair to leave.

This eventually came to pass, and upon its passing, the (self-proclaimed) sneakiest members of the party made a vain attempt to sneak up on the remaining Barghest-killer. The failure to sneak sparked the bearded devil's notice, and a battle ensued.

The Bearded Devil summoned not 1... not 2... not even 10... but 18 underlings into the fray right at the start of the encounter. A break was had by all players, as the trusty DM was tasked with creating all 18 new entrants into the fray, as well as assigning each an initiative, as well as a health rating.

Once the impromptu siesta was over, the Bearded Devil showed just how fierce it was by taking away about half of the hp of both (un)sneaky party members. They decided to run, but changed their minds when the spellcaster of the party managed to blind the Bearded Devil.

With some nifty spell uses from the party cleric, and Carrot's new found greatsword, the party managed to kill everything. Let it be known, however, that the DM did not play the Bearded Devil correctly, and didn't account for his damage resistance, so the battle was much shorter than it could have been. And it was long. Very long. So the DM is okay with what he did.

Right as they slew the last minion, the party looted the Bearded Devil for some pretty sweet loot. We left our party as they were learning that the Bearded Devil's friend seemed to have heard the commotion, and was making his way towards the party.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Last time on D&D with friends and things:

the party fled from the enormous winged bat devil thing, and went back to the city of spinehollow.

There they discovered the glaive of the bearded devil is both a contraband item (what with it being evidence of "collusion with devils"), and sufficient evidence that a devilish incursion is afoot in the land.

After speaking with the Tiefling Governor of Spinehollow, whom after a bit of convincing, decided to put out a bounty for the winged bat devil in the Bargest den, the party went shopping again. They sold their goodies, and identified their magical items, and that's about all that happened.

Somehow this took 2 hours. no idea how. I dont think James said anything the whole time.

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Lets paraphrase this week, a lot of f'd up s happened:

-Bargest den was collapsed to keep devils at bay, as they were too powerful even for the mercenary guilds.

-Lucy used a self brewed love potion on herself and a beer wench (thinking it was a truth potion), and left the party.

-Brynjolf had fun with the same beer wench, and got pickpocketed in the process.

-The party discovered and slew imps posing as a barkeep and a busboy, while orist and mike got poisoned.

-The party stole wine and money from the unkept bar, but the beer wench found out.

-The party then pickpocketed her, and left her with Lucy to do things.

-Carrott was mugged by a street urchin, who was then left to die in the town pillory.

-The party met the man from whom they stole their goods found at the inn, name Lycineas Lancaster, of the Lancastrian Lancasters.

-Lycineas Lancaster used to be an adventurer like you, until he took an arrow through the heart from Orist.

-Orist doused him in alcohol and set him on fire.

-the party fled the town, deciding not to save the street urchin, for fear of being caught.

-the party decided to make way for the verdant plane of Arborea by way of it's outland gate town; a 1100 mile hike through desolate outland lower planes.

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