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Hello everyone! I must say I've missed all of you, even the ones I don't know. I have a couple of updates for ya'll.

1. I have one class left in the Fall then I graduate with a BS in Computer Science. No leads on a job yet.

2. In March, my wife and I purchased our first house! So that has been fun!

3. My baby is coming in August! I feel like its so far but so close, and I'm super excited.

4. His name will be Blaine Atticus P.

5. I have recently taken up playing OSRS, so please join the friends chat and talk to me. Its lonely in there.

5. Although I have started back up, I am not back because its more of a dabble than playing.

6. I have an XboxOne, but I've changed my tag. Its now MischiefxMaster so add me and send me a msg who you are so I know.

7. I will always be on xbl, but if its Netflix its my wife, lol.

8. Any thoughts on doing Twitch/Youtube?

Please, tell me what has been going on with yourselves! I look forward to reading the replies.


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Welcome to the world of computer science! :D

I finished up my first year teaching at my current position (mathematics and computer science). I've been doing all sorts of home renovations both inside and outside my home. I'm still commando1968 on xbl.

Mango! I'm glad you have been keeping busy. Ya know, idle hands are the devils plaything ;). What kind of school do you teach at, college, highschool, etc?

Also, you can follow my no-tweetin self on twitter @MischiefxMaster.


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Occasionally have free time, can confirm. :devil:

Grats on the house. With her being pregnant at the time did you get a say in how the inside looks(furniture, paint, ect..)?

If your lonely in osrs check out legacy mode in the current version.


Well, being as we are poor college kids, we have hand-me-down pretty much everything but electronics and a mattress. And I'm happy to have it lol. The colors wasn't an issue because it was already painted the way we wanted, including the baby's room, so we lucked out.

I do play legacy mode when I'm on RS3, but I'd like to play the game it was meant to be played, ya know?

How are you doing, dragon?


P.S. Wheres Leena?

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