Conserving your Bond: Easy Dailies


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[ I anticipate that this is a low-mid level guide, aimed mostly to those current or future fellow Masors who have some trouble in maintaining a Bond or in making consistent cash at all as they start being members ]

Ok, so we were talking ingame the other day about bonds, dailies and such, and Anprman suggested that I made a post here based on the things that I mentioned on that conversation.

This is not going to look nearly as cute as most guides we are used to see cause more than a ~how to do stuf it is more of a list of ~what things you wanna know you can do in order to make some easy money daily while a member, more than enough to maintain a bond (but I'm taking suggestion on how to improve it). There will be however some explanations where I see fit and all should feel free to add any questions or suggestions below.

The horizontal lines are my poor attempt to create sections for you to be able to jump straight to what matters to you.

So the basic idea is: Dailies

If that does not sound familiar to you, the fact is that there is a bunch of things you can do in RuneScape only once a day, and a large share of these things are fast, easy and profitable.
This guide thus will try to cover those of these that I find the most relevant.
The one guy who introduced me to dailies and had all the patience to come with me ingame to the places and show everything was Toe of Camel and I'll always be very grateful for that.Now let's get to business!


The Dailies (there are more...)

[ Note that some dailies require an specific quest or level. You may choose from the ones you can already do and plan yourself to unlock the others that you liked ]

Have in mind that the following list structure is for making stuff more understandable, divided in categories.
You should consider each action separately in order to achieve an optimal routine.

Buying Yak Hide from the Store in Jatizso

     No big secret here. Just boring, and profitable, and boring.

Buying Fire Runes from Stores (also Airs and any others you find worth it)

  • Dark Mage (North of Edgeville)
  • Mage Arena (High Level Wilderness. You an use the Lever on the runs in Edge or in Ardougne)
  • Baga Yaga (Lunar Isle)
  • Magic Guild (Yanille)
  • Void Knight Outpost

Buying Broad Arrowheads

  • Turael
  • Mazchna or any other Slayer Master besides Turael

     These are worth doing while on your tree Farming runs to make good use of the fact that you will need to pass in front of Turael and also of Mazchna if you do Mushrooms along with trees like I do.
Buying Feathers

  • Port Sarim (while here, consider buying the runes for Betty if your time is less worth than mine)
  • Lumbridge
  • Shantay Pass
  • Fishmonger in Rellekka
  • Miscellania & Etceteria (buy these when you come to cap your 100% approval)

Using the Wicked hood

  1. With a full inventory of essence (with pouches), use it's teleport to the altar of the rune type that makes more profit to you (Cosmic, Astral...)
  2. While on the altar, withdraw all the essence the hood has to offer and use them on the altar
  3. Grab the free runes from the pouch as well (I think fires are still the best)
  4. Teleport to the Wizards Tower already if you wanna make Vis wax (Rune Goldberg Machine)

Rune Goldberg Machine (Vis wax)

Getting Potato Cactus from the Weird Old Man (requires the medium Desert Tasks done)
Making Potion Flasks in Oo'glog

This requires 89 Crafting but the actual daily limit is just for mining the Red Sandstone, which requires 81 Mining.
So if you cannot make the flasks but can already mine the sandstone go for it.
It's gonna be a grind to make a lot on flasks in a row later, though, so you better get that 89 Crafting soon if you wanna do this one.


How it works

About each possible daily, there are basically 2 things you wanna know in order to decide rather to do it or not:

  • Its Effective Profit

      Effective Profit means "how much this method would make per hour, if you could actually do it for one hour straight".
      So for example, imagine we could get a free 30k per day from King Roald in Varrock. How do you know if it's worth it to go there and get it? It's not as simple as it seems.
      Reaching King Roald demands time and runes if you want to teleport to Varrock Square, so the 30k are not exactly for free.
      I'm gonna test right now how long it takes for me to go from a bank to King Roald, speak to him simulating the 30k claim and then coming back to a bank..
      It took me 70 seconds cause I'm a slow old chap.. and the teleport currently costs ~370gp if you use a staff to provide air runes.

      So we got (30000-370)gp / 70 seconds = 423gp/s = 1.5m/h  (Excel/GoogleDrive is your friend. You want a beautiful fat table for these calculations)
      So the big thing here is "How much is your time worth?"
      If you can make more than 1.5m/h with your main moneymaking method, Astral Runes for example, it would then be a complete waste of time to go claim those 30k from Roald.

      This is called Efficiency.
      So the thing is: You don't wanna do dailies with an effective profit that is lower than the profit of your regular moneymaking method, cause that would be stupid, basically.

  • How much you hate it

      On the end of the day, people are not machines so not everything is calculable. Even if some daily is worth it based on your efficiency calculations, the way you feel about it affects not only your performance but also the way you enjoy the game. Some pains are simply not worth it. Yak Hides are not worth it for me =/

Last but not least, you wanna plan the order in which you are going to do those dailies. Some involve getting to places which are convenient for starting another one, so a smart route plan will change the effective profit of individual dailies, maybe even making you change your mind over something being worth it or not. There is a mathematical optimal route for a given set of chosen dailies, but I think it is crazy to try and find that out. Just put your brain to work and find out a solution that suits you well. Just as I said above, the most profitable is not always the most enjoyable. It's a choice will you always have to make no only in RuneScape, but also in real life.

    To clarify the smart route plan thing:
    For example, why not get the boat to the Void Knights Outpost right after buying the feathers from Port Sarim?


With all that said, I present you a picture with the dailies that I do myself, to make stuff a little bit more clear.
As you can see, it indicates a daily profit of about 1.3m made in 20 minutes, which after 14 days can pay for a new Bond.


I can make a copy of the Google Sheet available if you like, but I think it would be much more productive if you tried to make yours, in order to truely understand how it works.
Note that simply copying the values doesn't work, cause they need to be updated every now and then and the time values tend to be different for each person.


Well, this is it. I truely hope this helps some people keeping their accounts economically healthier.
Please feel free to add any questions or corrections (incluing for the language. I'm not a native speaker myself so there might be some stomach crushing mistakes out there)


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I've tested the run that Anprman has posted and it took me 2 hours and I made just over 2.5m. However, I didn't have the requirements for all of the available shops so it will take longer and you will earn some more money if you can access them. Here's a breakdown of what I made (this is pure profit):

Vials of water - 233,376
Plant pot - 403,480
Vis wax - 530,460
Feathers - 329,000
Bagged plant 1 - 512,072
Yak Hide - 358,848
Magic Runes - 143,300
Harpoons - 543,907


IMO some of the things didn't feel worth it. The harpoons were the worst as there was no bank in Port Sarim and I had to run back and forth so many times at Catherby. This was closely followed by 'Bagged Plant 1' for the same reason as the harpoons at Catherby. However, as you can see, these things reaped the most profit. So it's really up to the individual whether you want to spend that time on dailies. I think this is something I will do either if I'm really short of cash or just a couple of times a week. Thank you Anprman for sharing :)

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