Harpoon Cat

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RS Name: Harpoon Cat

Mining Level: 54

Smithing Level: 91


Have heard about you guys in the past, I've only recently returned to runescape after about a 5 year hiatus. Started my account a few weeks ago and decided it's about time I applied for a clan. 

Looking forward to hearing from someone ⛏

I have read and understood the rules to MaSoRs! :wub:

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Hello Harpoon Cat and welcome to the Masors forum! Before I can process your application, could you read through our rules and make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom *wink, wink* ;)

After you have done this, I'll need to have a quick chat with you in our CC to confirm that this is your account and then I can make you a fully fledged member :)


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11 hours ago, Harpoon Cat said:

All done I'll join the CC next time I'm online to finish the process 

Thanks :) It doesn't necessarily have to be me. If you see the other leadership such as Wildman, MilkN2Sugars or Anprman just let them know you have an application on the forums and you just need them to confirm this is your account.

Once you're a full member you may find these particular topics useful:

The Clan Development Act

Monthly Skilling Competitions

Clan Events and Competitions

Masors Discord Server


See you in-game!

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