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RS Name: Falk

Mining Level: 90

Smithing Level: 90

Heard about the guild from anprman who suggested i join as mining and smithing are my favourite skills. Have been playing Runescape for years but took a long break and returned to pretty much a new game.

I have read and understood the rules to MaSoRs! :wub:

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Hello Falk! Welcome to the Masors forum :D Your stats check out (very nice mining and smithing levels by the way), so I'm going to approve your forum account now and then I just need to meet you in-game to be able to invite you to the clan :)


Whilst you're here, you might find these links useful:

The Clan Development Act

Monthly Skilling Competitions

Clan Events and Competitions

Masors Discord Server


Be sure to check out the Mining Competition we're having this weekend, and welcome to Masors! :runepick:


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