Masors has only these basic requirements:

  • Mining level of 60
  • Smithing level of 50
  • OR level 85 in Mining or Smithing
  • General decency and kindness in behaviour

We have no mandatory contributions, and no other levels, including combat, are required. The only requirements for continued membership are following the rules and responding to occasional activity checks – that doesn't, however, mean that you will be removed from the clan if you have to leave for a while and intend to return, of course.

We have no one-clan rule.

What We Offer

  • Very experienced members who offer great knowledge on the game (Especially Mining and Smithing)
  • Events relating to new releases, or popular events that have worked well in the past
  • A thriving and friendly community
  • Plenty of different forums for different subjects, from debates to forum games
  • An IRC and CC channel for laughter, serious discussions, and everything else!

How do I join?

Are you interested in joining Masors, and do you meet our requirements? Joining is simple:

  1. Go to our forums.
  2. Register an account, preferably with your RuneScape username (Please be sure to use a unique password).
  3. Log in to your forum account to see the Applying section.
  4. Read the Rules sticky in that section.
  5. Read the Welcome sticky.
  6. Post your application as a new topic, following the instructions in the Welcome sticky.