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  1. al3x801


    Thx for applying Hwanin I notified a leader to give you full forum access. You should get full access sometime later today. Be sure to check out the Welcome Wagon thread later:
  2. Thanks for your interest in the clan i notified a leader to grant you full forum access
  3. Thanks for your interest in the clan your application looks great I notified a clan leader so they can accept you and grants you full forum access When you are granted full forum access, be sure to take a look at the "Welcome Wagon" Thread
  4. oh nvm just checked you were
  5. i can verify his states are right. i was afk in cc when he qc both of em. but i think he ended up registering an acc/ read the rules and i didnt pay attention if he asked anything else in the cc since he took a while. Ramsey, whenever u're in the cc again just give another shout out and we can add you (if you havent been added yet)
  6. Finally back to becoming a lil more active.. after like a month long vacation

  8. al3x801


    hey doom, took u a while to post on forums i notified a leader to give you full forum access
  9. al3x801


    just guest at the cc "masors" and u can ask if u can get an invitation. there's usually a higher rank who is there and can invite u
  10. hey puff, thanks for your interest in the clan, but your application has something missing in it please reread the rules and alter your application accordingly it would also help if you joined/ guested in the cc so we can invite you
  11. thanks for your interst in the clan. i notified a leader to give u full forum access
  12. al3x801


    oh i overlooked that u need to reread the rules there's something in ur application that needs to be included
  13. al3x801


    hey morn ill notify a leader to add u in forums since u're already in the clan
  14. al3x801


    verified stats in game and added to clan just need leaer to give permission to move to full access forums