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  1. goota keep away.....

  2. is listing to my favorite country singers; Tobey Keith, Rodney Atkins, and Blake Shelton

  3. hi there! its been so long since ive been on this website i just saw this

    Ps: I LOVE IT

  4. First post :P

    Hi there

  5. i dont have any idea...

  6. mrdoddjr

    Hey again :)

    Hey Masors, This is "Jr" is what i have been called i was once a Masor and i missed the activity list i spaced out and forgot but now I'm back and I;m newer than ever i hope you guys will let me rejoin and i will be active everyday guaranteed well by everybody hope to come back Sincerly, long lasting Masor Mrdoddjr I have read and understand the rules to MaSoRs!