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  1. Mango. Write a 5 page single spaced recap of our adventures since june 2016
  2. My weekends are looking turrible... just turrible over the next bit of time. cant make it the 17th :S someone can play as Aang if we otherwise have a quorum.
  3. So, like... Did we get experience for our first quest?
  4. So what is that, an hour and a half later?
  5. My brother says he's got tournaments on saturday mornings. Do Sundays work?
  6. Hell, you could make Orist the bad guy or something!
  7. I'd be super okay with you taking over my campaign, and me writing up my own character.
  8. No game tomorrow. Dealing with life ATM, and very little time to perform my dm duties. Sorry guys!
  9. not looking likely, i have had no time to plan.
  10. Master Ball, Go! I'm available, and have things planned to do to you.