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  1. Posting cause I don't like that there were 666 posts in this forum. No idea what this guide is about but I am sure it is useful to someone.
  2. I think you were before my time and I've been here far too long.
  3. celticno1


    Jar is the only one that could do that but I think there is a whole data protection thing that he might not want to. Do you not have access to your old emails?
  4. One step closer to becoming a more civilised society. Next step is getting rid of the guns.
  5. 1) When MaSoRS was founded in 2003, what were the other active and biggest skilling communities/clans/services/businesses, etc.? I did not believe there was many skilling clans out there. I found out about MaSoRs from a drop party post on Runescape Community which was massive at the time (Now known as Zybez). There was a lot of clans out there and I with other community forums like Runescape Community and tipit making it easier for recruiting but there was not many skilling ones. I believed something that really helped us was that all the PK'ing clans had a one clan limit but we managed to h
  6. What questions do you have? Might not be able to give you a very vivid picture since I was 13 at the time.
  7. We go by stone in the UK. I am at 16 stone (101.6kg) and my target is 13 stone (82.55kg) You have more to loose and a better target than me. On you go son! Hope you can do it.
  8. Over my time playing runescape. Its safe to say i've probably made about 200m collectively from merching. It is my source of income and shall continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Rares whoever, I find to be poison.
  9. I too shall try my best to donate a large amount. Currently sitting with 20m, might have that doubled by August.
  10. Another method of auto id. In the mIRC options window > Connect > Options > Perform Then you type which commands you wish to do. For example /ns id passwords /join #masors I'll move this over to guides.
  11. Some of the FAQs are here. If there are others I haved missed please PM me it and I'll add it in. What does MaSoRs stand for? - Miners and Smithers of Runescape What are the MaSoRs requirements? - 60 mining and 50 smithing, or 85 in either Mining or Smithing. What is the MaSoRs uniform? - Priest Robes with a Rune pick or MasoR Vexillum, and a Black Cape or MaSoR Clan Cape. Rare headgear is optional. What are the MaSoRs homeworlds? - 27 is our primary homeworld. It is the world that most members use, and there is normally a clan avatar present on it.
  12. This is cool very helpful n33b>>newb>>newbie>>new player