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  1. good application chap! i'll get you forum acces, have you joined in-game already?
  2. hi, i know you i'll get you forum acces
  3. playing infamous second son, going for platinum

  4. there is no active member with that name on the forums atm but you're application is ok so i'll give you full forum acces are you already added ingame? if not join our clan chat MaSoRs and ask about it
  5. ok, i'll get you full forum acces
  6. Playstation 4 i already cleared assasins creed black flag the first week, busy on killzone, playing some bf4 when i can and cod is only installed (i don't like this one) played a bit of knack, not sure if i'll finish the game...
  7. ok, join our clan chat ingame MaSoRs and ask someone if they can add you
  8. hi sara, i noticed you are already a clan member so that's good but the forums have different rules then ingame, so if you want full forums acces you will have to read the rules at least once here is a link to the rules:
  9. ok looks good, i'll get you full forum acces
  10. you need to read the rules
  11. because you are f2p we need to verrify your skills in-game meet a admin+ and you'll be added
  12. ok, meet a clan leader/mod in-game to be added, just join the clan chat and ask about it welcome to
  13. So we need one more visitor in citadel for tier 7 upgrade

  14. it's good i'll get you permission for full forum acces
  15. verrified, added in game welcome to
  16. finished saints row 4 last week, nearing the end on splinter cell blacklist and started assasins creed 3 (it was free on the ps store)
  17. i have added both names to my friends list a few days ago but i have not seen him online yet, lucky man if you are still interested in joining masors join our clan chat or you can add me to friends and ask me online
  18. wow if they are dropping that hard i might get me a drygore soon
  19. That's the spirit! good luck on it =)
  20. you need to meet me or another admin or higher rank in-game to verify your lvl's because f2p has no highscores and then we can add you =) just join our clan chat MaSoRs and ask about it
  21. so what happened to the citadel? :o

    1. Commando1968


      It got changed. I set it to revert back on the next tick.