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      Requirements: 60 Mining and 50 Smithing OR 85 in Mining or Smithing.

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      WARNING: Topics in here may contain spoilers!

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    • Ice

      The forums looks different.
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    • Tuba Man1

      Invention Guide Mostly done, Check it Peeps!!!
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    • Aprz

      I got my red partyhat back from my friend. He also gave me a free 20m of his own money since he pretty much quit the game. I know the partyhat is worth a lot of money, but it was pretty much mine. The people in clan clan where shocked at how happy I was about the 20m vs the partyhat, lol.
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    • Matt111098

      Down with the leadership! Long live King Tommy!
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    • anprman

      99 in everything except Invention now Better start doing some quests now
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