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  1. 1) When MaSoRS was founded in 2003, what were the other active and biggest skilling communities/clans/services/businesses, etc.? none that im aware of 2) The drop parties attracted many people. Would it be ok to say that it was primarily these drop parties that caused the clan to grow over time? these are what attracted me to the clan way long ago 3) Did the creation of Mining Golds in 2009 affect MaSoRS at all? I am asking this because Mining Golds instantly became the most well-known Mining community. no idea what this is. 4) Has the MaSoRS clan always revolved entirely aroun
  2. league of legends various x box games mostly AC4, diablo 3, or dark souls. and a few other i wont bother mentioning
  3. i miss my fence spot, i still stand in the same place but usually it's alone now.
  4. when i first started, i spent quite a while picking up coins in the basement of var rock bank thinking people were dropping it cause back then people actually went down there then i followed some guy to a drop party and got 50k! i was so exited! i went out and bought a black long sword for 20k from a guy that assured me it was the best weapon ever. prob some stuff i left out hard to remember lol
  5. when i started i only liked skills that involved a lot of clicking such as mining some smithing came with that till i got around 50 smithing or so then i started smelting steel for money buying coal mining iron, prob did that to 70 smithing making good cash at the time and the rest just happened
  6. Bobbykavan

    doo hicky

    name: Bobbykavan Mining: 85 Smithing: 85 joined masors in 2004 i think was inactive so im re registering per request. I have read and understand the rules to MaSoRs!