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Have you ever looked at the possibility to get your rings imbued? The onyx ring perhaps? Or the mighty warrior ring, or are you an archer who would like the Archer ring (i) instead of the regular, but you don't know how to get it, or how much time/money it will take? Fear not, because I had the same thoughts as you then, and decided to just go and get them! And spending my time getting imbued rings I have tried a multitude of tactics and found a few that are better than the others, and I am willing to share what I have discovered!

Table of content:
- Introduction
- Dictionary
- Ranks, IC and RC
- Short description of the different strategies
- Strategy 1: Suicide
- Strategy 2: Elimination
- Strategy 3: Siege
- Comparing strategy 2 and 3

The imbued rings is perhaps the only reason to play Mobilising Armies (MA) apart from fun, however for some it isn't particularly fun to play and they would like to get over it as quick and painlessly as possible, this guide is mostly aimed towards those people :)

What exactly are those rings:
Onyx ring (i) +22 armour and 2.7% crit chance for all classes
Warrior ring (i) +3% crit chance for melee class (Normal has +2.7%)
Berserker ring (i) +19 armour and +2.5% crit chance for all classes (Normal has +2.2% chance)
Seers ring (i) +3% crit chance for mage class (Normal has +2.7%)
Archer ring (i) +3% crit chance for ranger class (Normal has +2.7%)

So what's so special about these? Well first off they are untradable and the very best rings in the game. (Superior Leviathan ring comes close, and is perhaps better if you need armour bonus.)They can only be obtained from having a Mobilising Armies rank off 300 and paying a certain amount of reward credits to get them imbued (as well as requiring their normal counterpart which can be bought from GE). And second, they take a reasonable long time to get!

When explaining the strategies this guide will assume that you have at least played through (and paid attention to) the tutorial of the MA minigame.

- MA: Mobilising Armies
- Spoils of war: Bonus resources you can buy with reward credits
- Reward credits (RC): Rewards for playing the game, approximate value is 1gp per reward credit if you use them to buy "Spoils of war"
- Investment credits (IC): The "currency" in MA, needed to buy units and specials, as well as wagering in game to get RC.
- Light units: Light units move fast, but they utterly suck at combat
- Heavy units: Heavy units are slow, but they own at combat
- Siege: One of the 4 scenarios playable in MA, this guide will resolve fully around this scenario
- Catapult: Catapult helps you destroy the wall in a siege scenario, consists of 4 pieces which must be collected by your squad before you start collecting rocks.
- Rocks: Used to fire the catapult, 4 are needed to fire and you collect them with the squads
- Specials (SP): Special units you can use
- Cannon: SP that fire in one direction, damaging all units in its line of fire
- Chompa: SP that explodes, damaging all units in its radius
- Glider: SP that targets one single enemy unit dealing heavy damage
- Distractor: Distracts all units in its radius for a certain amount of time
- Barricade: Barricades the area, meaning units will have to go around
- Junior cadet: Rank 0-99
- Serjeant: Rank 100-199
- Commander: Rank 200-299
- War chief: Rank 300+

Basic concept of ranks, IC and RC:
To get MA ranks, you need to play games and satisfy the following requirements:
- Must have issued at least 10 commands. Explore and walk don't count.
- Must survive at least 4 minutes.

Winning a game gives +2 ranks, satisfying the above but not winning gives +1.

Higher ranks give you access to more floors in the officer building, where "Spoils of wars" increase in price, but also goes from junk items to more useful items. You can also buy better clothes, locators or quest kits, as well as the selection of rings you can imbue increasing. However the ring imbues aren't really worth it until you are rank 300+ (apart from the dragonstone (i) at rank 200). To see what the quest kits and locators can do, look them up on a fansite :P

Note: One can gain a maximum of 12 ranks per hour.

Investment credits
To play MA and buy units etc you need to invest in it. They don't accept coins, so you need items. Low level farming seeds gives you the most IC/GP, but they take a long time to buy in large quantities in GE. Iron arrows is probably your best option if you need a lot of IC asap.

Reward credits
You need reward credits to imbue the rings, these are rewards from playing the game. Reward credits can also be used for buying clothes and "Spoils of war", where approximate value is 1 gp per RC, the value for RC:GP remains the same no matter your rank, but you can usually buy more useful (thus easier to sell) items at higher ranks. To get RC you need to invest some of your IC in the game, how much you can invest depend on your rank. How much RC you get depends on how much investment you wage in the game, and several other factors:

- Winning a siege game by eliminating all opponents will give you a 120 % bonus to your RC. (If you invested 10k off your IC you will get 12K RC)
- Winning a siege by destroying the wall gives a 150 % bonus to your RC.
- How long you last (You start at a penalty of 9000 RC, then it degrades until eventually you get a bonus to your RC. After 4 minutes you will gain -4000 RC, and after 7 minutes you will gain no penalty nor any bonus to your RC.)
- Killcount, 70 RC for each unit killed.
- Rank modifier, get an additional 10 % added to RC for each rank you get, starting at 100 %, going up to 110 % at rank 50, 120 % at rank 100, 130 % at rank 200, 140 % at rank 300 and 150 % at rank 400+. IE you got 15 000 reward credits after a game with 234 rank, you will really get (15k X 130 % = 19 500 RC)

Short description of the different strategies:
1. Suicide - Simple, attack the wall with 10 light squads and after the 26 minutes left mark cannon them to death with your own cannons.
Pros: Easy, consistent, remotely afk-able.
Cons: More expensive, might get killed by an opponent before 4 minutes have passed, very hard to reach max efficiency
Notes: This is the most common strategy chosen by players in search for fast ma ranks, but not necessarily the best. Strategy is often labeled "Fast MA".

2. Elimination - Simple, be the last man standing. 10 heavy squads, specials depend on personal preference really.
Pros: 2 ranks when you win, more reward credits as you will win most of your games, cheaper as you don't have to resupply all your squads and buy new SP every game.
Cons: May meet other people using this strategy, subject to "runners".

3. Siege - Build the catapult and destroy the wall using the rocks. Use 7 or 8 light squad and 3 or 2 heavy squad. For specials use 1 or 2 Distractors and rest as Chompa
Pros: The most rewarding strategy, 2 ranks when you win.
Cons: Absolutely no chance at standing up to the players using elimination strategy if they come after you. Click intensive.

Strategy 1, Suicide:
Squads: 10 light goblins
Specials: 5 cannons

Strategy: Send all your 10 squads at the wall, wait until theres 26 minutes left then cannon them.

Situation: Occasionally there will be a noob who tries to kill you before 26 minutes have passed.
Solution: Take one squad and run around with it until 26 minutes have passed, try to trap eventual squads following him in the walls (require some practice). Sometimes you might have to run out with two in case he uses gliders on the first one.

Notes: This will give between 9 - 12 ranks per hour, because of delay of game starts, maybe not all your squads dieing from the cannons etc it is very hard to reach the 12 ranks per hour with this. It is also a lot more expensive to do this, as you will suffer off having to resupply your troops after every game, and also you will get a lot less reward credits. Don't start spending IC on these games until you're rank 200+, and then invest as much as you can to get the needed RC for your rings.

Strategy 2, Elimination:
Squads: 10 Heavy squad of a healthy mix
Specials: Up to your own preference really

Strategy: When the game starts quickly scan the area, look if there are others who have heavy squads and if there are then focus your attention on them. Remember the combat triangle, Dwarfs > Goblins > Elves > Dwarfs. Pile units, don't send each unit on different units, but pile all dwarves on one elf etc. Use your specials wisely, and beware of specials that your opponent might use on your units. Make sure all your units are always attacking, having idle units = defeated. If they all look to be suicides just build the catapult and collect 10 rocks so you have issued your 10 commands, then just sit back and relax (and drink some coffee). Just check occasionally that your opponents aren't collecting rocks for the catapult, as then you need eliminate them!

Situation 1: There are 2 other players doing this!
Solution 1: Hold off a few seconds, look after what they are doing, if they go after each other, build the catapult and use that for a while, then simply enter the battle when they are weakened or just breach the wall with the catapult. Personally I prefer just using the catapult. If one of them come after you, fight back or attack the wall to be weakened and die faster.
Solution 2: Head straight towards one of em, this will most likely not win you the game, but at least you will finish after some decent time (depending on the skill of the other player). If both other players are [insert insulting word here] you might win too!

Situation 2: People are building catapults!
Solution: If theres just one person doing this, eliminate him. With 2 persons, split your squad. If one of them are also using heavy units for this, try to finish off the one using light units first with all your squads. If he has any kind of sense he will realize he is defeated and run for the wall, committing suicide when that time comes. If he does this retreat all your units and run for the one with heavy units.

Situation 3: A person is being a noob and is running around with his light units!
Solution: Just ignore that/those units until you've finished off the rest of his army. Then spread your squad to charge him when he runs through em. Since he is using light units, he will outrun your heavy; so smart placement, trapping in corners etc is key. If you have saved any specials, use them (gliders and distractors are wonderful for taking care of noobs like this). This is truly annoying and can prolong a battle to well over 10 minutes!

Notes: This can, and in 9/10 times is, a more effective way than suicide. You can often reach max ranks after 40-50 minutes (which leaves 10-20 minutes to fletch, fm, runecraft, farm or whatever really), with a lot more RC in the box too! However if any of the above situations occur too often you will be slowed down. Using this strategy it is wise to invest IC in the game, as 1 IC is worth less than 1 RC and you will on average get a lot more RC back than IC invested. Using this method you will earn money on your way to imbued rings!

Also, learn your opponents, you will often face the same people, try to learn which units theres a lot of at the moment, and change your units accordingly. Sometimes you will have angered some people so much that they will try to beat you every game. Also if you find yourself not winning enough games, try to wait 2-5 minutes, you will most likely face totally different opponents!

Strategy 3, Siege:
Squads: 7 or 8 light squads, 3 or 2 heavy squads.
Specials: 1 or 2 distracors and 4-3 chompas OR 2-3 Distractors rest barricades.

Strategy: Send 4 light units to collect the different catapult parts. Then quickly scan the area, look at every player and identify which units they have (heavy/light or a mix?). When you have done so and noticed which player you have to take extra notice off, start spam collecting rocks with all your units. It's beneficial to play in resizable/fullscreen as you can see both rock collect spots at the same time, drastically speeding up rock collection time. If you get to collect in peace, you can win in 6-7 minutes. If you notice that all your opponents are suicides, just get your 10 commands, spread your units a bit (to protect them from cannons/chompas should one of them decide to charge at you) and sit back and relax (and drink some coffee).

Situation 1a: 1 or more players have a load of heavy squads and charge at you before 3-4 minutes have passed.
Solution: Give up, you don't stand a chance, theres no way you can win. Send your squad to attack the wall to be defeated faster, and use your chompas at them when it's time for it. If you don't have chompas just fight and hope your opponent has the skills to defeat you fast.

Situation 1b: 1 or more players have a load of heavy squads, but doesn't charge at you until 3-4 minutes have passed.
Solution: This is fairly common, so don't freak out if you see heavy units on the board. And if they leave you alone until the 26 minute mark you can almost count your victory if they should start attacking you then. They go in the game assuming theres mostly suicides, leave their business and then realize that "Oh, everyone didn't suicide after all" (or will be busy killing someone else or whatever), at which point it's too late as you will already be close to breaching the wall. Just continue collecting rocks even if they attack, use your distractors at them before they get to you (remember distractors affect your squads too so don't use it too close). If they pile one unit, identify it and send it to the other side of the map, leaving its attackers to follow, meaning you have less attacking units to worry about.

If they kill the catapult, simply build a new one ASAP and continue collecting rocks.

Situation 2: Someone else is building a catapult and collecting rocks!
Solution 1: If they consist of all light squad just charge them, focus on using your heavy squads and piling one and one unit. Most likely he will give up and charge for the wall. Use your distractor before you charge, making his units stand still and use a few chompas, weakening his units drastically before you charge. Beware of him using cannons at your units!

If they consist of a mix, make use your distractor while the heavy units are in the massive pile often gathering before their catapult, use your distractor and ALL of your chompas. Then charge, pile his heavy units to bring them down and it should be a piece of cake; unless he hits you well with his specials too (usually cannons) so beware! If they start running, just send your light units after them, most likely you will hunt them down easily, but if they have some running skills they can truly be annoying even if you too have light squad. (personally I took revenge over a dude who ran from me by running from him when he was winning and I got the game to last 17 minutes before he managed to kill me LOL :P )

Solution 2: Race him! Use your distractor(s)/barricades to slow him down, and collect rocks as fast as you can! If he doesn't have distractors, or you have some skills in this, this should be fairly easy. If you notice that he is naturally slow at collecting rocks (theres a pile of units in front of his catapult) you shouldn't even have to use the distractor. Note that using any specials on such an opponent will alert them that they are fighting a battle!

Notes: This can, and in 9/10 times is, a more effective way than suicide. It also has a higher success rate than elimination, and defenitely more reward credits on average. You will often reach max ranks after 40-50 minutes (which leaves 10-20 minutes to fletch, fm, runecraft, farm or whatever really), with a lot more RC in the box too! And games will always finish in a reasonable time. Using this method you will earn money on your way to imbued rings!

Comparing elimination and siege:
In my eyes, both of these strategies are miles better than suicide! Why can I say this which such certainty? Because:
1: Suicide looses you money, both other strategies you earn money! From 40-100k per hour profit! (Not much, but hey it's something!)
2. Suicide will never reach max efficiency unless you win games when everyone else is suiciding! And more often that not theres a few stragglers who don't suicide until you kill them anyway, or one dude with heavy squad killing you, or someone building the catapult, with the other tactics you can beat them!

But which is the best of the other two? Let's take a look at certain deciding factors:

Time: Siege games always end in reasonable time, elimination games can drag out.
Money: Siege games yield more RC when you win. And you win, A LOT!
Odds of winning: In siege you don't have a chance when a lot of your opponents appears to be using heavy squads consistently. With elimination you always have a chance! I find however that Siege strategy appear to have a higher success rate; because people are idiots, especially many RS players, they don't realize you're trying to win until it's too late :P
Ranks: With both strategies you will most likely have your max rank efficiency if you do well. (Often with 10-20 minutes to go on the hour so you can do other things for a while!)
Click intensiveness: Elimination wins this by miles. Siege require concentration and clicking, especially if racing! Elimination can however be intensive that too, as you have to make sure all your squads are always attacking.

So who wins? I will say mix it a bit. Personally I use Siege strategy until too many off my opponents realize they have to kill me instantly. Then I switch to elimination and try that for a while. By the time I find out that works well I will have reached my max rank gain and have to wait 13 more minutes or something until I can start gaining ranks again, and thus I'll go farm, eat lunch, write this guide, or do something else.

Good luck on your quest to get those rings imbued! And thanks for reading my boring picture lacking guide :)



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If you're suiciding, which is in my opinions is best, then it is customary to let the blue team win. Play by the unwritten rules will make games go fast and everyone wins, with the same chance for everyone to win. Another advantage of suiciding is that it does'nt matter what the other players do, two people can be attacking each other with heavy units...let them, they are just wasting their time while you will be starting another game and earning more ranks. Definitely need to repeat this, DO NOT INVEST ANY CREDITS IN GAMES UNTIL YOUR RANK IS OVER 200! Saves you credits, and even if you lose, the reward credits earned are more than the investment credits lost. You will also have enough for the rings, so don't worry about that.

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