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  1. Well Lumbridge is pretty sweet, it was pretty awesome back when it was a massive centre of dueling.
  2. Most generous moment I can remember was actually what somebody else did for me. A friend lended me a blue partyhat. Before there was any official lending system. It was nice to see that there could be enough trust in the game for somebody to do that (and of course I gave it back).
  3. Had the same sort of thing as the German map at my hall a couple of years ago. The hall owned a (apparently very expensive) piece of modern art that was just concentric black rings, looked a lot like a target. So some people made a copy (concentric black rings are apparently not hard to copy), replaced the original on the wall and threw darts at the copy. Caused a bit of a stir.
  4. I used to merchant, but I sucked at it. I have no problem with it though.
  5. Alright you won the contest un-contended loki :ph43r: now please add more pictures and also things like best furnace for f2p and p2p with pictures and same for anvil. You know what I mean, just spruce it up k? *stickied*
  6. You gotta be defensive. Why? because, i like to argue No you dont jk
  7. Also formatting with coloured titles and such are goodness. Really they are.