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  1. Nice guide bruh. Pic for muspahs at the end is broken though that might just be for me, not sure. Also you should add in Aftershock3 + Biting3. Apparently it's better than Eq3. Ofcourse it's gonna cost too much for most. Also add a fishing guide please. Or make Ian do that since that's all he does on RS now anyways.
  2. I like things being done to me. I'm in!
  3. Roger that. Just a headsup, if you decide to play the weekend after, I won't be able to make it since I'll be visiting home - but don't let that stop you, since I haven't technically joined the adventure yet. Cheers, Dan
  4. Hi Klemos, Thanks for taking the time to apply here. I see that you've been verified and added to the clan already. Unfortunately you've missed out on one of our age-old traditions, involving reading the rules really carefully. Could you please go through our rules a bit more carefully once more, and hopefully we'll be done with the application process real soon. Apologies for the late response - Double XP weekend hangover and all that. Cheers, Dan
  5. Verified! Just join our clan chat channel 'masors' as a guest, and ask for someone to add you to the clan, and you should be good to go!
  6. Welcome, and you have a really sweet star-muffin in game!
  7. Also, I had absolutely no idea, that expert1212 is an RS legend! He was the first f2p player to hit 100m xp AND 200m xp in a skill! Hats off to July for dedicating so much time to this book, definitely something I'll cherish.
  8. Good job on a successful session G01d and the rest of you! Also thank you for posting a recap, for those of us who are interested but aren't able to join in for various reasons. This is a great idea, and I hope you can take it forward to something big!
  9. So G01d, Tubes and I were talking in the clan chat about how it'd be cool to have a weekly D&D night with a Masors group, maybe on Saturday/Sunday. We could give it a trial run soon, host a single session adventure to see how it works, then move forward from there. Is the 6th/7th June weekend a good time for people interested? We'll be using an online tool G01d pointed us towards, called Roll20. It has integrated video/voice/text chat as well, making the experience all the more fun and engaging. Some may be veterans, but knowing the game/having played it before are just advantages, newcome
  10. Stats are confirmed, just need to get validated in game. The easiest way of doing this is to join our CC MaSoRS as a guest, or PM wildman18dew, dragon91677 or MilkN2Sugars and ask about getting validated.
  11. Good-bye Runescape, you were fun while you lasted!

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      rs is dead, so we have decided to start playing club penguin

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      Club Penguin ftw!

      Join us!

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  12. Trying desperately to breathe some life back into the forums. Hope it works! >.<

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      Lord Danbell

      *pokes marbl with a stick* are you still alive? :o

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  13. DotA 2's so frustrating... and yet so good.

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      Lord Danbell

      Come back! I feel like dunging again you noob.

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      pay for my membership