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  1. Thanks for the guide, I have been meaning to give them ago. I think after reading this, I will go and try one, and I love the art work.
  2. I hadn't played D&D in forever. Too bad my weekends are usually chaotic.
  3. I've been around since 2002, but didn't really clan much back then.
  4. I need to go try this out, the extend challenge seems like it could be useful.
  5. Well I am too poor to give away stuff, but I usually give my time when someone needs help in one of the phoenix/black arm gang requirements, although I can never remember which one I am without looking it up.
  6. I have played hearthstone a bit. It's fun, but I hadn't played it for awhile. I was annoyed that you only have prepacked responses you can use and couldn't actually talk to your opponent.
  7. RS Name: TodOberhaus Mining: 67 Smithing: 65 I have read and understood the rules to MaSoRs!