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  1. I got my red partyhat back from my friend. He also gave me a free 20m of his own money since he pretty much quit the game. I know the partyhat is worth a lot of money, but it was pretty much mine. The people in clan clan where shocked at how happy I was about the 20m vs the partyhat, lol.

    1. Tuba Man1

      Tuba Man1

      well phat is like 5bil soooo rich man in clan

  2. Completing Mourning Part 1. I want access to Prif!

    1. Matt111098


      Go for it! Prif is awesome and has free cookies maybe

    2. Aprz


      You better not eat all the cookies before I get there!

  3. Thank you for your efforts Si Verion. Maybe he'll join another time.
  4. Sorry for the delay. Almost everything checks out. You just need to speak with one of us ingame so we can add you to the clan. I've added you to my friends list and will attempt to contact you. Try joining our clanchat "masors". An elite member or higher will be able to facilitate adding you to the clan. Soon after you are added to our ingame clan chat, your status on the forum will change from validating to member.
  5. In order to drive an ambulance, I have to have my health check every 2 years, or more frequently if I have a medication condition (eg hypertension). I actually just did this checkup about a month ago, and the registered nurse asked me "Do you know your weight and height?" I said "Yes, I weight 145 lbs, and I'm 5'7"". She was like "Well, I'm gonna check anyway." She found out my weight was 144 lbs (about 65 kgs) and might height was 5'6 1/4", lol. I am pretty sure she wasted her time trying to be exact. Why did I tell you this story? Cause had I told you that I weighed 144 lbs (65 kg) and my height was 5'6 1/4", you'd probably ask me why do I know my exact weight and height. Josh and I haven't really changed weight and height since high school.
  6. Yep, I can confirm his mining is 99 and smithing is 79. He definitely qualifies. http://services.runescape.com/m=hiscore/compare?user1=Guillermo469 Si Verion probably didn't check hiscore because your profile on here says you are free to play. You need to message one of the admins either by private chat or clan chat to verify you are really Guillermo. I know this is late, and I am sorry to make you jump through hoops, but please reread our rules.
  7. For awhile, Joshua and I kept losing Internet. When my Internet is down, I play Portal instead of Counter Strike.
  8. Frustrating to get the mod to work. Edit: I got it to work. I died once and had to start over. I played twice so far, once during the day, the other at night, but the night time, I was playing on a server where it's day. Depending on where the server is, it'll be that time of day in the server (e.g. night time = night time in the server, you can't see anything). In the videos I watched, the people started with pistols. That's not the case anymore. You start off with almost nothing. :[ Super hard! Here is another video of it. I logged in again on a server that was on at night, and I couldn't see anything, I couldn't even see myself. I had a chem light, but I read those attract zombies and bandits (other players, other players are more dangerous than zombies). I left the server cause I didn't want to die with the gun I spent an hour or two looking for. Here is a guide I found that I liked and kinda describes the attitude of players in the game. http://slashreroll.c...bie-apocalypse/ http://slashreroll.c...-and-a-tin-can/ Another cool video of a clan that seems pretty together.
  9. I bought Arma II: Combined Operations today so I could try out the DayZ mod. I'll let you guys know how it to goes. Here is a somebody Youtube video of it with commentary.
  10. It said they were planning to release a black partyhat too, but didn't cause it wasn't festive enough.
  11. The black was a joke. People used to honestly believe because it's easy to photoshp. Just put a picture of a white partyhat in MSPaint, invert the colors, and you'll have a black partyhat.
  12. Oh, I agree. Worst cosmetic ever. I bought 10 just in case they end up having santa or g'ween mask status one day. Seeing that they are x2 what they are than what I paid for them, I already want to cash in, lol. I think I'll wait until I can use the money to buy another rare like santa or upgrade my partyhat to white.
  13. Aren't they planning on discontinuing it after summer though? I wouldn't expect it to rise quickly either, the previous discontinued items didn't get to where they are at in a short period of time.
  14. Why not? You think JaGEx will nerf 'em?
  15. I used to play Artic Escape, or whatever, on MiniClips, and HeliAttack 2. Anybody played Wormhole on Centerfleet? That game was super cool. I played it until they shut down their server.
  16. I've seen so many pictures and signatures on Team Fortress. Playing Steam games, it makes me wonder if I should get it. I've considered buying Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 also. What's Team Fortress like? It looks like a cartoony version of Counter Strike to me.
  17. Not too much against RuneScape, it's still a good game, but I rarely have free time off, and when I do have time off, I prefer playing Counter Strike now with a little bit of RuneScape here and there. For a long time, RuneScape was the only game I played. I was wondering if other people here play other games too, or if RuneScape is the only game they play? When do you play it: when you're in the mood, do you time yourself, only when other friends play?
  18. Aprz


    Have you been life-ing?
  19. Back when I first started playing, pixeling was huge. Sigs made from paint were valued a lot even gp wise, people used to by sigs made in paint until Jagex put their foot down and called it real world trading. Before Jagex made that happened, it was huge and as an attraction to Tip.it, RuneVillage, and Zybez. That's also how some players became famous... their pixeling skills. An example is Misterxman. Here's an example of a little something I made for someone that I really liked. I made that for Firestorm456, he wanted a cow in it, I got lazy, and ended up using it myself, lol. XD I was no Misterxman. There was one on RuneVillage called Fox Red. There was a big one on Zybez who even wrote a nice pixeling guide, but can't remember his name. I wonder if his guide still exist. Anyhow I encourage you to goof with paint, it's fun and tasteful art. I tried out a couple of things. I liked Paint.NET more than GIMP, but it's biggest downfall for me at the time was it required updates every couple of days, and I was still using dial up at the time.
  20. Aprz


    Beautiful. Welcome to Masors. I'll relay your info to a Leader so they can change your status from validating to member.
  21. Hey! I don't remember a GO MASORS! after that red text thing. I dunno if we should let him. I don't think he read the rules. </joking> Heh, you're so close! Get level 60 mining. Then stop by our clan chat as a guest, and a Leader should change your status to member shortly.
  22. The magic trees at Sorcerer's Tower north west of the Legends' Guild (Seers' Village).
  23. While cutting magic trees, a guy was bragging about how rich he was, and was switching between all his equipable items. A couple of minutes later, an abyssal whip appeared under him. I took it, and a couple of minutes later, he was said "Oh my God! I lost my whip?! Where did it go?!" I could have stayed quiet about it, or ran off with it, but I said "You dropped it," and without him asking for it, I returned it to him. That guy added me, and we were friends for like a week before I didn't see him login anymore. Now a days, I'm a little bit more bitter. Had he dropped it today, I would have remained quiet.
  24. Aprz


    I remember you. Unfortunately we need to see you log into RuneScape and speak with one of us again to confirm it's really you.