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  1. Maybe I'll sneak up on the chat
  2. I gave away 2 bonds to someone who needed membership
  3. 100 exp to 99 cooking. another one bites the dust

  4. Just got after effects and twixtor and twitch. liking it
    1. si verion
    2. Leena


      Are you in your videos? :o

    3. marbl


      yea that was my cousin but look at GOAT and that has alot of me

  5. Keyframing is fun.. Said noone EVER!

  6. I play APB Reloaded (great free game on PC at least), cod, age of empires, section 8, serious sam HD, dead island
  7. yes i type for my cousin since he is so slow
  8. I was levle 50 or so in FTP and a level 10 thought i was God..... I made him full mithril and full iron... He thanked me and logged out
  9. GE W27 with Brad and his girlfriend.... I like that spot cause brad is awesome.. with ge update he is not on anymore sadly.. now would probably be edge bank cause i see the regulars or dung W148
  10. i pledge to donate 2mil if it goes 750mil+
  11. you have 200posts

  12. marbl

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  13. Hey guys marbl here:) The three s's of my like are skim,surf,snowboard... thats all
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  15. I merched a dfs and made 50k once.. and i merched some raw lobs and got 200k from them..
  16. thank you *goes and does some stuff*
  17. love mining hated smithing, now its the opposite! bunch of people raided the drop party, i talked to gold and stuffs
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  19. well 800k till 96dung