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Have a question about the clan before joining? Want to see what we're all about? Or maybe you're interested in inter-clan talks? Post here!

Welcome to MaSoRs!

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If you would like to apply to join our clan please check out the topic here.
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  • If you're here just to see what MaSoRs is all about, please take a look around! You can start with the topic here.
  • If you're not sure you want to join just yet, feel free to post in any of the topics and ask questions or read testimonials of our members!
  • If you're a representative from another Runescape group and would like to make arrangements with MaSoRs, check out the Clan Relations topic here for contact details!
  • Some of our events may be public, and will be posted here, open to everyone! Feel free to drop by any of these and say hello!