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Do what? Hi everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have last contacts ya'll. Just an upadate on me:

1) I turned 21 two weeks ago (^.^)

2) I'm getting married May 24! It is a big step but it is time.

3) School is going well now that my fiance is forcing me to go (to better myself of course)

But enough talk! How about you?!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself in throwing in a Castlevania:SOTN reference tweaked a bit.

But seriously, how have ya'll been doing? I had noticed they reintroduced RS2007, but its members only, which disappoints me. Is anyone playing that? Is anyone even playing the new RS?

Awaiting your responses,


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Which 1 fits better?


Grats on getting married. Are Masors invited?


Sadly no. Our parents are lucky we invited them. ha ha


Both work equally well :)




Thank you! It will be an experience.


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Good to see you again mate. :) Glad to hear you're doing well, massive congratulations on getting married. ^_^

Old School RuneScape still seems pretty popular, I know there's a few people in the clan who are playing it. RuneScape 3 was announced a while back and is in closed beta, and looks really, really cool.

Sadly no. Our parents are lucky we invited them. ha ha

You mean you're not getting married in 'Scape at Lumbridge Church? :o

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Yeah congratulations! Marriage is a big step.

Welcome back. Guess we have all been a part of this clan for so long that we have seen several people get married, baby posts, etc... It's really neat how far we have come from when it all started here in a kids game :P kinda fun. Things like this is what keeps me around.

Glad to hear your success stories. Continue to share them.

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